DFID Early Market Engagement on Protection Research

Protection of Persons Affected by Conflict Research

The Department for International Development (DFID) is exploring funding a four-year research programme into humanitarian protection of persons affected by conflict, with a focus on persons living in conflict settings. Where possible, research will be undertaken in conflict settings.

Following an initial consultation, provisional research themes are:

1. Impact of protection programming.

2. Impact of IHL protection violations and forces of restraint.

3. Impact of local protection mechanisms.

4. Impact of recognition on protection.

5. Impact of targeting. 

In order to consult the market of the relevance of the research, identify potential implementers, and get feedback on what is possible on these issues in these contexts, the DFID has recently launched an online Early Market Engagement (EME) via Survey Monkey about the planned programme. This will be an opportunity for potential suppliers to learn about the proposed programme, provide feedback, and answer and ask specific questions.

The DFID’s Online Early Market Engagement will be running until 28 June 2017. To register for the early market engagement event, suppliers should first register on the DFID supplier portal, and then fill out the Survey Monkey link available within the portal. Please note a strong response will help the DFID secure funding as it builds confidence that this research is both, needed and doable.

More info on the proposed research programme can be found here.