JSaRC Building Links with Academia

The Joint Security and Resilience Centre (JSaRC) strongly believes the academic community has much expertise to offer in support of national security issues and yet specific knowledge of where this can be sourced is not always readily available.   

In order to establish key contact points for further interaction with academia, JSaRC is inviting universities to indicate their relevant security research and innovation capabilities via a brief online survey which takes about 5 minutes to complete. Should you want to help the JSaRC team widen engagement between academia and the government’s security requirements, complete the survey here.

Interested in getting more involved with JSaRC?

The JSaRC team has a unique structure, 50% of the team are civil servants, and the rest of the team is made up of staff seconded from industry and academia. Their current secondees originate from organisations such as Thales, BAE Systems, Sopra Steria, Hart International, Aecom, Secure Cloud+ and The University of Kent. They are keen to hear from organisations who might be interested in providing a secondee to help support the important work that JSaRC performs. If interested, please email