Juliana Semione joins PaCCS and the IASC

Juliana Semione joins PaCCS and the IASC

Following a competitive hiring process and a call for applications this autumn, PaCCS is proud to announce that Juliana Semione will be joining the PaCCS team beginning in January for a placement with the Office of the Anti-Slavery Commissioner (IASC)

Juliana is a doctoral candidate at the University of Nottingham’s School of Politics and International Relations. Her doctoral research utilizes Q methodology to answer the question, “What is freedom from slavery?” Her research is predicated upon the notion that the logical end of extensive anti-slavery efforts around the world is a growing number of people stepping into freedom, yet the anti-slavery field does not have a shared conception of freedom. Her work aims to help unite the field around  understanding of freedom for the good of survivors. 

Juliana has also worked as a research associate at the Rights Lab, where her research has examined and facilitated community driven anti-slavery partnerships as a part of Lab’s Communities and Society Programme, and with the The Salvation Army on a post-NRM programme aimed at assisting clients in their move-on and community integration goals. Originally hailing from California, she has also previously worked with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force. She holds a BA in journalism from Biola University, an an Associateship of King’s College, and an MA in global ethics and human values from King’s College London

In her placement with the Office of the Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Juliana will spend three months undertaking a review of research being carried out into slavery and trafficking to establish to what extent research has had an impact, and suggest ways to obtain more impact from it. In addition to engaging with relevant stakeholders, Juliana’s work will result in a key research output in the form of a report which will be shared with the PaCCS community and other interested parties. 

This placement is part of the PaCCS programme Transnational Organised Crime: Deepening & Broadening Our Understanding. PaCCS regularly supports placements in conjunction with external organisations. You can keep up to date with opportunities here, or by following us on LinkedIn.