Launch of a New PaCCS Policy Briefing

Launch of a New PaCCS Policy Briefing

We are pleased to announce the recent launch of our latest PaCCS Policy Briefing on Transnational Human Trafficking Representation. The first of what we expect to be a series of Policing Briefings to emerge from the TNOC Innovation Awards.

The PACCS-supported project on Human Trafficking representation concluded with a symposium in September 2017, where relevant project partners shared findings and hosted talks by prominent researchers, practitioners and other experts. Following this event, project partners also set about working on other planned avenues of dissemination for their project research.

In November 2017, they were offered an Open Access book contract by Palgrave, which will no doubt increase the book’s impact and outreach to a wider audience of readers. The book is entitled ‘Representations of Transnational Human Trafficking: Present-day News Media, True Crime, and Fiction’, and is a collection of essays by project investigators Dr Christiana Gregoriou, Dr Charlotte Beyer, Dr Melissa Dearey, and Dr Nina Muždeka and research assistant Dr Ilse Ras. Details of the book, which is going into production imminently, can be found on the publisher’s page here.

Another method of project research dissemination took the form of a Policy Briefing. This document describes project findings, lists recommendations, and is expected to be useful to practitioners, researchers and other experts, as well as wider readership.

To see this and the rest of our PaCCS Policy Briefings, please visit our Resources Page.