Map of resources available to support SMEs

Map of resources available to support SMEs

Through the Academic Marketplace, the Partnership aims to support efforts to translate research into products and services, turning academic excellence into commercial success.

Building on this, a map was developed in 2015 to highlight resources available to support researchers and SMEs, including the various initiatives designed to incentivise spinouts and make it easier for SMEs to flourish both in the UK and in international markets.

The map focuses on initiatives that will be of most use to researchers working in the areas of conflict, crime and security. It is divided into five categories:

  • Sources of Advice  – Such as guidance on growing your business, exports, and tax credits.
  • Public Procurement – Details and guidelines on bidding for Government contracts.
  • Funding – Sources of funding for SMEs.
  • IP – Including guidance on protecting your Intellectual Property.
  • Networks – Existing networks designed to support and promote SMEs. 

The map is far from comprehensive, but we hope it is a helpful starting point. To find out about more about regional or local opportunities we suggest you contact your university’s Technology Transfer Office.

Related to this map is the Research and Innovation Landscape Map produced by the Dowling Review of Business-University Research Collaborations. The Landscape Map is an attempt to capture the major organisations and funding sources, relevant to business-university collaboration, in the UK’s research and innovation landscape. 

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