Modern Slavery and the Hospitality Sector

Modern Slavery and the Hospitality Sector

Minderoo’s Walk Free InitiativeWikiRate and the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre Partnership have released their latest publication on the Modern Slavery Act, which seeks to document the impact of the UK’s modern slavery legislation on the hospitality sector’s anti-slavery practices. The report’s findings address topics including structure, business and supply chain disclosure, modern slavery policies, and due diligence processes. 

The report ultimately concludes that many sectors, including the hospitality sector, are failing to meet the requirements of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act, with sector specific risks including issues involved in franchising and seasonal work arrangements. Each conclusion is accompanied by recommendations for possible next steps for improvement within the sector. 

The report, report ‘Beyond Compliance in the Hotel Sector: A review of UK Modern Slavery Act statements’, is available online here. 

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