New BBC Media Action Policy Briefings

We are pleased to present a series of practice and research briefings by BBC Media Action exploring the role of the media in accountability and political participation:

‘Doing Debate Differently: media and accountability’

 Explores how media can influence accountability using quantitative and qualitative data drawn from BBC Media Action’s work in nine countries.

–       Media can influence accountability by empowering people, creating
space and influencing power
–       Development donors and practitioners need to integrate media more
fully into their empowerment and accountability strategies

‘Inspiring Political Participation: lessons from the media’

Examines the lessons from BBC Media Action’s
governance programmes for inspiring political participation.

The briefing concludes that effective media programming needs to:
–       Go beyond just providing information to focus on enabling discussion
–       Create space for constructive, non-partisan discussion

  ‘Media and Political Participation: fostering inclusive governance’ 

Examines what our research tells us about the relationship between governance programmes and political participation based on quantitative data from seven countries.