New Cyber Security Engineering and Commercial positions at CSIT

New Cyber Security Engineering and Commercial positions at CSIT

The Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT) at Queen’s University Belfast, which has been a beneficiary of the Partnership, have launched a new recruitment campaign to attract outstanding cyber security engineers, innovators and commercialisation professionals from around the globe.  

The roles are as follows:


Permanent engineering staff, which are placed alongside academic research teams, typically will have many years’ of hardware or software development experience. Their roles will include cultivating and supporting business engagement, the creation of hardware and software “proof-of-concept” prototypes and the facilitation of new spin-out companies. Well-defined career promotion paths are in place with job functions emphasising innovation and technology transfer rather than more traditional academic norms such as research publication and research funding.

Software engineers will typically have strong experience with languages such as Java, C++, Python, R or Prolog and tools such as SIEMs, SNORT, Netfilter and OSSEC as well as biometrics, machine learning, data analytics and advanced anomaly detection. Hardware engineers normally will bring with them a number of years of hardware design experience in areas such as cryptography, data security or emerging Internet of Things technologies.

CSIT are currently seeking:


CSIT employs an experienced commercial team, comprising a Commercial Director, Business Development, Innovation and Marketing managers who engage with the global cyber security industry. Their roles are to secure commercial and competitive projects as well as providing an active engagement with business and industry partners. To that end, they have ensured that a growing proportion of the Centre’s income to date has come from industry and have significantly contributed to new research funds coming from Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), EU Framework 7 and Horizon 2020 projects. The team will formalise and deliver a new Cyber PreAccelerator Programme to assist new startups and support existing SMEs scale-up.

CSIT are currently seeking:

A unique working environment

CSIT brings those at the cutting edge of research together with innovators in business and industrially experienced engineers in a multidisciplinary team. This team is accelerating and promoting exploitation of secure information technologies and nucleating a significant cluster of cyber security companies within Northern Ireland. CSIT provides these companies and start-ups access to scientific, technology, application and market expertise, associated engineering and scale up resources.

The closing date for applications is the 01 June 2015

 For more information and to apply visit the campaign minisite 

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