PaCCS Workshop on Transnational Organised Crime

Earlier this month, PaCCS held a two-day workshop with researchers from our Transnational Organised Crime theme and non-academic partners to get updates from teams on the five projects from the TNOC: Broadening and Deepening Our Understanding programme, to receive input from guest speakers from external institutions, and to look for synergies between the projects in this funding theme. 

Throughout the event, several key shared issues in the practice of research emerged, including: data challenges related to data access and data integrity; the problem of problematization related to social constructions and securitization; and research challenges in ethics, definition management, flexibility, and interdisciplinarity. Researchers also experienced challenges of managing micro and macro scales, in working to deliver impact, and in the use of open source data and the building of partnerships with non-academic partners. 

In facilitating these conversations, PaCCS Research Champion Dr Tristram Riley-Smith sought to create space for researchers to learn from one another, to exchange best practices, and to learn from different approaches to topics in the study of organised crime. The conversations also built on findings from an earlier conference, hosted in 2021, on Understanding and Undermining Transnational Organised Crime, which explored many of the same themes.