Policy seminar explores public responses to identity management

Policy seminar explores public responses to identity management

A Policy Seminar entitled Identity Management (IM): Future Threats and Opportunities was held at the Royal United Services Institute on Monday 9 June 2014.

It brought together more than 60 delegates from government, academia and civil society to better understand conflicting public responses to Identity Management.

Identity Management, whilst enhancing security and efficiency across public and private sectors, has led to widespread concern over data privacy.  Across the world, citizens regularly take issue with government and company ownership of personal data while sharing personal information on social networking websites.

The Policy Seminar highlighted findings from the IMPRINTS project, a project that examines public and professional expectations surrounding Identity Management.  It was also an opportunity to collect feedback on the project’s outputs and to generate forward-looking research insights.

The summary report is now available and captures discussions and key insights from the seminar.