RUSI Resilience Essay Prize Winner 2015

We are delighted to share with our readers the winning entry to the 2015 Royal United Services Institute’s (RUSI) Resilience Essay Prize competition on the topic Resilience 2050: A Blueprint for the Future. 

The winning entry, written by Dr Liviu Mureşan and Alexandru Georgescu of the EURISC Foundation, Romania, was published in the December Edition of the RUSI Journal (Volume 160, Issue 6, pages 58-66). The authors were also invited to present the paper at the RUSI Resilience Conference 2015 back in October. 

Mureşan and Georgescu’s essay The Road to Resilience – Critical Space Infrastructures explores the complexity of societal resilience in the age of the space systems and asserts that “space capabilities will be a crucial enhancer for the growth and development of already advanced nations, and a key component for the catch-up growth of the less developed nations”. Thus, the authors argue that any planning for the future must take space security into account.