October Cyber Series Blog Posts

Throughout October 2019, members of the PaCCS team sat down with researchers working on different aspects of cybersecurity to discuss their ongoing projects. The resulting blog series ran throughout European Cyber Security Month, and featured academics from a variety of disciplines. 

Posts in the series included:

In the first post of our October Cyber Series, Mete Feridun draws on his experience with operational risk capital requirements to discuss prudential regulation, cyber risk incidents and the UK’s Prudential Regulatory Authority.

The Cambridge Cybercrime Centre was established in 2015 with the express aim of making substantial datasets available for furthering academic research on cybercrime. In this guest post, Dr Alice Hutchings explores the centre’s work.

Kate McNeil interviews Professor Tom Sorell, Professor of Politics and Philosophy at the University of Warwick, about preparatory offenses, fraudulent romance scam posts, and the intersections between ethics research and technology.

Kate McNeil sits down with Dr. Damien Van Puyvelde to discuss his new book Cybersecurity: Politics, Governance and Conflict in Cyberspace. The book examines the history and politics of cybersecurity from the perspective of the social sciences.

For the final post in our October Cyber Series, Kate McNeil sat down with a Professor at Coventry University’s Institute for Future Transport and Cities to discuss automotive cybersecurity. Professor Shaikh has previously worked with PaCCS on PaCCS/KTN Policy Briefing on “Innovation Challenges in Cybersecurity”.

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