Qulsom Fazil – University of Birmingham

Name: Qulsom Fazil

Organisation: University of Birmingham

Disciplinary Area: Social, Cultural and Health Psychology

Research Area: Identity, health and well-being

Role: Research Provider

Email: q.a.fazil@bham.ac.uk

Which call are you planning to apply for?


What are your research interests?

Identity, ethnicity, health and well-being. I am currently co-investigator on the AHRC funded project entitled: Representing Communities: Developing the Creative Power of Individuals to Improve Health and Well-being. I am working with the Pakistani Community in Birmingham with an aim to explore the relationship between ethnicity, health and well-being in a multicultural inner-city area and to (re)present the Pakistani community’s multiple ways of living in contemporary, multicultural Birmingham through creative arts outputs.

What is your offer?

I have strong links in the community and would like to develop further research from my current study. I am interested in developing further research to understand how individuals and communities make sense of and internalise self-worth, self-value and self-esteem in times of international conflict and threat and how this affects the development of identity, belonging and its impact on well-being. I am also interested in developing counter peace narratives using the communities own perspectives which would improve communities own self-worth, self-identity and general well-being.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

I am happy to discuss this with anyone who sees this fitting into the piece of work they are proposing.