Rebecca McHugh – Fight For Peace

Name: Rebecca McHugh

Organisation: Fight For Peace

Disciplinary Area: Youth violence reduction

Research Area: Gangs

Role: Research User


Which call are you planning to apply for?
Transnational Organised Crime 2018

What are your research interests?
Interested in being involved in research into young people’s involvement in transnational gangs.

What is your offer?
Will to partner on research into young people’s involvement in international gangs in London, Rio de Janeiro, Jamaica, Cape Town, and potentially other international locations where FFP has partners.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Researchers interested in building the evidence base around effective interventions for working with young people at a tertiary violence prevention level. Researchers interested in exploring the movement of young people from volatile inner city communities in Jamaica into gangs in London. There are multiple other possibilities based on the target groups we work with and the impacts of international drug trafficking gangs on the communities where we work.