Research Map

Conflict, Crime and Security Research Centres in the United Kingdom

Within the United Kingdom, there is a wealth of high quality and cutting edge research being conducted at research centres across the areas of conflict, crime and security.

This research has the potential to improve our understanding of current and future security challenges and how we can respond to these challenges. 

The Partnership has sought to map these research centres to provide a picture of research currently being undertaken. The map is focussed on where there are clusters of research and has been grouped into six themes:

  • Conflict
  • Cybersecurity
  • Terrorism
  • Threats to Infrastructure
  • Transnational Organised Crime

The map is dynamic and will continue to be enhanced with new content and increased functionality.

The Partnership also recognises that it is not comprehensive and that there is likely to be many other eminent research programmes being undertaken elsewhere which are not yet included.  

We encourage you to make contact with the Partnership if you would like details to be added, removed or amended. Please email