Extracting critical information from sensor measurements

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Image by Garry Knight (flickr: garryknight)

Research by Professor Sangarapillai Lambotharan from the University of Loughborough

Funded jointly by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 

Modern electronic communication and surveillance systems based on radar and other sensors rely on advanced signal processing algorithms and techniques for the extraction of information.

Understanding how these algorithms should be designed, practically implemented and integrated into complex systems – not to mention how their outputs should be interpreted – requires significant skills in electronic engineering, mathematics and computer science.

Loughborough University’s Advanced Signal Processing Group comprises world-leading specialists who have developed such algorithms and made them available to QinetiQ.

The algorithms have enhanced the company’s capabilities in its key operational market domains relating to communications and radar. The technology transfer is on-going, resulting in Loughborough’s expertise and techniques being conveyed to UK industry.

Experts with these specialist skills are extremely rare. The University has worked extensively with QinetiQ and other signal processing centres of excellence over many years in developing these algorithms and providing staff with the competencies to exploit them in industry.


This work has contributed to:

  • Improved security – Improved efficiency and security of wireless communication in critical situations via state-of-the-art algorithms in signal processing;
  • Growing capability – Growing UK capability in digital signal processing through attaining an intelligent information infrastructure; and
  • Technology and knowledge transfer – Highly specialised skill set transferred to industry through close cooperative working.

Further Information

For further information contact Sangarapillai Lambotharan, Professor of Digital Communications at Loughborough University, via email at s.lambotharan@lboro.ac.uk