Silvia Tabusca – Romanian-American University, Bucharest

Name: Silvia Tabusca

Organisation: Romanian-American University, Bucharest, Romania

Disciplinary Area: International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law, EU Law

Research Areas: 1. democracy and the rule of law (EU Law); 2. non-discrimination (Roma, disability, women); 3. human security (migration, refugees, sustainable development, and human trafficking)

Role: Research Provider


Which call are you planning to apply for?
Transnational Organised Crime

What are your research interests?
1. Human Security (human trafficking, sustainable development, poverty, migration, refugees, corporate social responsibility);
2. Non-discrimination (Roma, disability, women, rights of the child);
3. Democracy & the Rule of Law (institutional reform: access to public information, declaration of assets, conflicts of interest, institutional transparency, access to justice).

What is your offer?
1. legislation, policies (push/pull factors) and case-law research related to organized crime (human trafficking and smuggling), non-discrimination, human security, sustainable development in Romania;
2. training programs;
3. good practice exchanges;
4. organization of events in Romania.

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Any local or international actor interested in eradication of international organized crime.


Silvia Maria Tăbușcă is a Law Professor at the Romanian-American University, School of Law (Director of the Center for Human Rights and Migration), and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Romanian Academy (of Sciences) in Bucharest, Romania. She has been working in the field of international human rights protection for over ten years, with a specific focus on non-discrimination (Roma, disability, women) and, more recently, on human security (migration, refugees, human trafficking, sustainable development). Silvia is recognised as a leading consultant (working with UNDP, UNHCHR, European Commission, Milieu Ltd., UE institutions/MS embassies in Romania) and an independent expert, being involved in many national and international projects.