TNOC Research Integrator

Research Integrator

Dr Tristram Riley-Smith

Research Institution

University of Cambridge

Project Summary

The task of Research Integrator is to act as a coordinator between the eleven TNOC research projects: support networking and collaboration; develop synergies and cross-cutting research themes; synthesise outcomes wherever possible; and enable enhanced access to these findings.

This is a relatively small commitment of time (one day a week, on average) but we will take a number of initiatives to help the eleven Principal Investigators exchange knowledge and enhance impact. These include Networking/Teaming Events in the earlier stages of the project and a Policy Workshop at the end (where researchers can present their findings to a gathering of policy-makers and practitioners, with non-academic engagement from different sectors – Government, Industry, Civil Society). A final output – based on the Policy Workshop – will be one or more Policy Papers.


In addition to extracting value from the synergies developed from different projects within the portfolio, I will be offering one-to-one Impact Clinics to help individual PIs identify action to enhance impact.

The Policy Workshop at the end of the programme promises to provide a platform for researchers to engage directly with non-academic stakeholders, and for a collection of shared findings and recommendations to emerge in Policy Papers (where an emphasis will be placed on targets for follow-up action).

Contact Information

For further information email Tristram at