Video Interviews with Transnational Organised Crime Researchers

The Transnational Organised Crime: Deepening and broadening our understanding 2018 Call was launched in April 2018 in order to support research proposals aimed at deepening and broadening our understanding of the complex issues related to Transnational Organised Crime (TNOC) and its inter-relation with other licit and illicit activities. In 2020, we interviewed researchers from four of the projects which received funding through this funding call, to learn more about the progress of their work. 

Transnational organised crime at sea: New evidence for better responses

How online technologies are transforming transnational organised crime (Cyber-TNOC)

The crime-terror nexus: Investigating the overlap between criminal and extremist practices, narratives and networks in Tripoli, Lebanon


Hidden narratives of transnational organised crime in West Africa