UNOC: Understanding the Nexus of Organised Crime: Policing in Marginalised Communities linked with organised Crime: Best Practice Network Development

Principal Investigator

Dr Walter Wehrmeyer

Research Institution

University of Surrey, Centre for Environment and Sustainability

Project Summary

The project will explore the role that Policing with the Community can play in the fight against organised crime and terrorism networks, many of which originated in particular communities with social, economic and cultural factors that supported the development and growth of criminal behaviour and fundamentalist ideologies.

Both transnational organised crime (TOC) and terrorist networks have evolved into complex global structures, making international and cross-disciplinary research vital to understand the genesis and dynamics of TOC and the increasing links to radicalisation. UNOC will organise in-depth interviews with relevant stakeholders, plus two reciprocal visits of police officers, one of UK officers in Jamaica, and one of Jamaican officers in the UK, plus a Delphi process to identify and disseminate best practice in Policing with the Community.


UNOC will create national and international networks to identify and disseminate best practice in the use of Policing with the Community to stabilise and normalise troubled communities and resolve the problems that sustain high levels of violence and increase the appeal of violent fundamentalist beliefs. This best practice will be shared and disseminated in a guidance document. In addition, UNOC will create experiential and evidential learning points for police officers in this area.

Contact Information

For further information, please email Walter at