Transnational Organised Crime Theme Funding Call – Offers for Collaboration

With the Partnership inviting proposals for a funding call under its Transnational Organised Crime Theme, academic researchers are encouraged to explore possible collaborations. 

To support this, researchers and practitioners are invited to submit offers for collaboration that can be shared with others interested in the call. It is hoped this will facilitate networking opportunities and lead to the creation of collaborative research groups. Offers may include research partnerships, case studies, datasets and secondments.

Recent offers for collaboration are listed in the database below.

If you would like to register your contact details and offer in the database please complete the registration form.

Recent Offers


Disciplinary Area


Katerina Hadjimatheou

University of Warwick

Applied Ethics (Philosophy)

Expertise on ethics of preventive policing; privacy and data protection; use of technologies by police and other security agencies to increase public security; ethics of interventions designed to prevent and reduce harms of crime by targeting victims for assistance.

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Anna Rita Germani

University of Rome “La Sapienza”


I can provide a team of economists able to work on estimations of costs and impacts of transnational organized crime applying both traditional empirical analysis and social network analysis.

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Richard Severns

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)


To work with colleagues from SHU to form a transnational network to research the transnational trafficking of firearms by organised criminals, using professional doctorate research on the police transnational firearms intelligence network, as a platform.

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Simon Andrews

CENTRIC, Sheffield Hallam University


Expertise in visualisation, analytics, NLP, social media, serious games and AI, Semantic Technologies, Communication and Knowledge Modelling, Situational Awareness and Open Source Intelligence, Human Trafficking, Modern Slavery and Organised Crime, Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism, Counter Terrorism, Intelligence Management.

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Wendy Knepper

Brunel University

World Literature

English Literature 

Postcolonial Studies

I bring expertise in world literature as well as some knowledge of development studies.

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Math Noortmann

Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, Research group on Armed Violence and Illicit Activities

(International) Law, Political Science/International Relations

• Maritime Security

• Sexual Violence

• Illegal Mining

• UN Peacekeeping

• Political and Gang Violence

• Small Arms Trade

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Mike Loginov

Ascot Barclay Group Ltd

 Cyber Security

Supplier as well as user of research in the area of cyber security and executive education

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Sheelagh Brady

SAR Consultancy

 Crime & Security

SAR offers research capacity complimented by an extensive global network. SAR likes to balance operational and academic experience to ensure realistic programmes can be designed, tested, evaluated and monitored as required. SAR can do this type of work independently or as part of a team.

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Paul Miller

Queens University Belfast

Computer Science

We are proposing a project that will use internet based multimedia
analytics to derive intelligence for LEAs on prostitution and people
traffic by pan-European organised criminals.

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Ben Cowdock

Transparency International UK (TI-UK)

Economics and Social Science

TI-UK can act as a facilitator for joint pieces of research drawing from our extensive contacts in the anti-corruption community. We can provide specific reports on assessing the systemic problems in transnational
crime and law enforcement.

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Vincenzo Ruggiero

Middlesex University


Collaboration in joint research applications.

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Zoe Fortune

Freedom Fund

Modern Slavery; Trafficking

We bring expertise on modern slavery and trafficking and work extensively with local grassroots organisations across several countries. We collaborate with multiple local CSO/CBOs as well as research organisations. We provide platforms and tools for many organisations to connect and also focus on global issues such as mental health, safer migration and legal tools.

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Zakia Shiraz

University of Leicester

Politics and International Relations

Latin American expertise with Spanish

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Jackie Jones

University of the West of England

Law, Gender, Human Trafficking, Human Rights, Asylum

Legal assistance, NGO support, training, research papers

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Kathryn Millett


Social science, international politics

Collaboration on drivers of the pursuit of CBRN terrorism and methods of
engaging NSAs in dialogue over their use.

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Chiara Galletti

International Alert

Peace-building,  conflict analysis and resolution

International Alert has been active in a number of countries like Mali, Pakistan, Philippines to raise awareness and understanding on how serious and organised crime contribute to instability and fragility. International Alert can offer unique expertise in peace-building and conflict analysis that will bring a practitioner perspective in addition to the substantive knowledge.

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Silvia Tabusca

Romanian-American University, Bucharest, Romania

International Human Rights Law, International Criminal Law, EU Law

1. legislation, policies (push/pull factors) and case-law research related to organized crime (human trafficking and smuggling), non-discrimination, human security, sustainable development in Romania;
2. training programs;
3. good practice exchanges;
4. organization of events in Romania.

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Matthew Hollow

University of York


I am looking to offer my expertise in the fields of crime history to anyone who might be interested in putting together a collaborative bid.

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Alexandra Hall

Teesside University


To work with colleagues from Teesside on an exploratory project on counterfeiting, criminal financing and TNOC. Other aims are to form an international network to research counterfeiting, digital technologies, criminal financing and TNOC.

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Paolo Campana

University of Cambridge


Quantitative skills; theoretical knowledge

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Gernot Klantschnig

University of York

 Criminology-Social Policy

Research expertise on illicit markets in Africa (drugs, counterfeits) from historical and contemporary perspectives and related Policy Analysis; Theory

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Harry Barton

Nottingham Trent University

Human Resource Management; Operations Management; Public Sector Management

The future of policing, the nature of ‘lean’ policing as a mechanism of delivering continuous improvement in the delivery of policing services and how levels of trust and confidence in the police service originate.

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Joanna Drugan

University of East Anglia


I contribute to an existing Language Services Working Group which brings together police, trainers, and translation and interpreting associations. We are researching effective practice in communicating across languages.

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Mastoureh Fathi

Bournemouth University


I can offer sociological perspectives into research projects involving families’ involvement with terrorist groups.

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Joby Carpenter

Financial Conduct Authority


TBD but potentially research partnerships, case studies or risk assessments

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Dionysios Demetis

Hull University Business School

Anti-Money Laundering & Cybersecurity Awareness

Information systems, anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing, cybersecurity awareness, and insider threats.

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