Conflict Theme Funding Call – Offers for Collaboration 2015

Following the invitation for proposals for two funding calls under the Partnership’s Conflict Theme, academic researchers were encouraged to explore possible collaborations in advance of the application deadline in October 2015. 

To support this, researchers and practitioners were invited to submit offers for collaboration that could be shared with others interested in the calls.

All the offers for collaboration received are listed in the database below

Offers for Collaboration 2015


Disciplinary Area


David Baganda

Development Research Foundation

Political Science 

Proposal writing, field data collection and analysis, report writing and dissemination of findings. 

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Sarri Bater

OpenEdge Transforming Conflict

Peace Studies, Human Rights and Transitional Justice

OpenEdge Transforming Conflict offers experienced scholar-practitioners who have been questioning, experimenting, studying and developing ways of doing peace and conflict work that is on the edges of what we already know and do.

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Karl Blanchet

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Public Health, Management

Analysing intensity and nature of conflicts and their impact on health systems and populations. 

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David Brenner

London School of Economics

International Relations

Case studies and ethnographic data of insurgency in Burma’s borderlands and research partnerships.

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John Brewer

Queen’s University Belfast


Research collaborations and partnerships.

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Amanda Cahill-Ripley

Lancaster University


Expertise on ESR for research collaboration and partnerships relating to conflict and peace.

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Shihning Chou

University of Nottingham

Forensic Psychology

Coordination, partnership or secondment.

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Shauna Concannon

Queen Mary University of London

 Cognitive Science

Computational linguistics, corpus analysis, experimental psychology, topic modelling with social media data, critical discourse analysis and integrating qualitative and quantitative methods to bear insights on large textual datasets.

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Clare Cook

Media Innovation Studio at University of Central Lancashire

Journalism and Media

To connect new and innovative media technology (hardware and methodological approaches) with wider anthropological or social science fields relevant to the conflict theme. I have experience working with exiled and restricted media and can bring several case study or deployment scenarios to a bid collaboration. 

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Melissa Dearey

University of Hull


I offer expertise in the study of crime, deviance and social control, as well as in the scholarly subjects of dance, gender and sexualities, and popular culture. I have also researched radicalisation and imprisonment.

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Qulsom Fazil

University of Birmingham

Social, Cultural and Health Psychology

I have strong links in the community. I am interested in developing further research to understand how individuals and communities make sense of and internalise self-worth, self-value and self-esteem in times of international conflict.

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Kate Ferguson

University of East Anglia 


To collaborate with other researchers and investigators in the field of mass atrocities and related policy challenges.

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Pieter Francois

University of Hertfordshire


An infrastructure to test social sciences theories on conflict with historical data.

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James Gow

King’s College London


To explore options for proposals.

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Emma Heywood

Coventry University

Media, Foreign Conflict Reporting and the Palestine/Israeli Conflict

I offer research partnerships, case studies from 2006-2008 and 2014, data sets, quantitative and qualitative skills.

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Martin Hurcombe

University of Bristol

Modern Languages and French

Research partner and investigator.

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Grace Huxford

University of Bristol


I am an historian of post-1945 Britain, with a particular interest in the social and cultural impact of the Cold War. My research has included detailed analysis of soldier narratives in the post-1945 era and the history of military subjectivity.

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Jacob U-U Jacob

American University of Nigeria

Strategic Communications, Conflict, Development and Peace Studies 

Research teams in north-east Nigeria, north-west Cameroun, Chad and Niger Republic.

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Irina Kuznetsova

University of Birmingham

Sociology and Human Geography

Research partnership, including expertise in grant application, conducting filed research and reports. 

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Laila Kadiwal

University of Sussex

 Interdisciplinary Sociology

Research expertise in study of Muslim societies, religion, education, conflict assessment and peace building.

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Jacinta Maweu

University of Nairobi

Media Studies and Philosophy

Media and terrorism, democratisation conflicts and elections, radicalisation and violent extremism. 

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Cillian McGrattan

Ulster University 

 Politics and Peace Studies

To collaborate with other researchers on themes of conflict resolution, the representation of conflict and peace, commemoration and dealing with the past, including the politics of trauma.

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Peter Metelerkamp

University of Bristol

Film, Political and Economic

Intimate knowledge of the politico-economic issues involved in agriculture, agricultural conditions, and the struggle over land in South Africa, in addition to very extensive visual and documentary experience.

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Beverley Milton-Edwards

Queen’s University Belfast


Interdisciplinary research network and network leader, practitioner oriented and experienced, policy and research.

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Allan Moore

University of the West of Scotland

Criminology, Victimology, Law, Transitional Justice and Psychology

Looking to collaborate with individuals and institutions that can add complementary aspects to our or potentially add a new dimension to it. Please note that you would be joining with three already committed individuals for this application and project (myself plus two academics from Rwanda).

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Joanne Murphy

Queen’s University Belfast

Organisational Theory, Conflict and Policing

To collaborate with other researchers around conflict related projects which have an organisational, management or leadership dimension.

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Pat Noxolo

University of Birmingham

Cultural and Development Geography

The negotiation of security with insecurity, in everyday life, relating to forms of creativity in the context of the Caribbean and its diaspora.

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Pierre Purseigle

University of Warwick


I am a transnational and comparative historian of Europe, focusing on the social experience of military conflicts. I am also interested in the memory and commemoration of military conflicts.

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Katy Radford

Institute for Conflict Research

Social Policy, Social Anthropology and Mediation

The Institute for Conflict Research is a Belfast-based charity working since 1994 with hard to reach individuals and groups on a range of issues relating to conflict transformation.

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Antonio Sampaio

International Institute for Strategic Studies

Social Sciences

Partnership with the Institute for a project focusing in a relevant conflict-related issues.

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Ernesto Schwartz-Marin

Durham University

Anthropology, Science and Technology

I co-develop participatory methods and technologies to intervene in mass atrocities with victims, and through their local knowledge and commitment to make the right to the truth a reality.

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Kim Stevenson

Plymouth University

Law, History, Criminology, Human Rights and Transitional Justice

Collaboration offered with an established multi-disciplinary scholar and practitioner network linked to an ongoing project on memorialising victims in recent conflict.

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Tom Wakeford

Coventry University

Environmental Security and Intersectional Oppression

Skills in participatory action research.

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Tom Wein

Aware International

Conflict and Development

Excellent field research networks in developing countries and an exciting team of behavioural scientists and social psychologists.

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David Williams

Coventry Cathedral

Conflict and Reconciliation

As one of the world’s oldest faith-based centres for reconciliation we are interested in collaborative research proposals. We have links into faith communities around the world.

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Milly Williamson

Brunel University

Media and Cultural Studies

Extensive experience of research on media representations of British and European Muslims, experience in audience research and contacts with Muslim organisations nationally.

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